Lethbridge City : Mayor Bram Strain Resigns

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Lethbridge City : Mayor Bram Strain Resigns


City Council announced Tuesday (Dec. 10) that the Municipal Director Bram Strain resigns from the city of Lethbridge due to personal circumstances.

Mr. Strain moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Lethbridge and began work on August 15, 2018, one of his first tasks was to lead the organization through a comprehensive operational review.

He actually informed the Council of his resignation in October, but due to the ongoing audit of operations in the city, he has been kept quiet so far. Strain told the media that the decision was 100 percent personal and unprofessional, adding that he would move but would not reveal where.

“We thank Mr. Strain for his commitment and leadership over the past 16 months,” said Mayor Chris Spearman. “We were fortunate to have found an urban director who embodies the qualities we were looking for to lead our organization into the future. Bram has an exceptional experience in leadership, innovation and change Management, which has served the council, our organisation and our community very well. We understand that walking cannot be easy, and we wish him only the best to move forward.”

“”It was with regret that I resigned from the city of Lethbridge for personal reasons,” says Strain. “I enjoyed my stay here and was lucky enough to lead at the municipal level. Being able to see how you can have a positive impact on the community every day is really a special thing. I would like to thank the citizens, organisations and the Lethbridge City Council for being hospitable and open-minded in making the city a better place for work and business. I am proud of the work that has begun during my tenure, and the operational review process will continue to provide a path for years to come.”

A research company has been hired and the search for a new city director is underway. The city council has appointed a four-member committee to lead the search and recruitment process. The committee consists of Mayor Spearman and Advisors Jeff Coffman, Belinda Crowson and Joe Mauro.

The city council remains committed to its strategic plan and operational review process during this transition period.