Delivery Service Option being Advanced: Lethbridge

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Delivery Service Option being Advanced: Lethbridge


LETHBRIDGE, AB – with a big push to support local businesses in Lethbridge, especially now that things are limited due to covid-19 provincial restrictions, they are encouraged to try a local delivery option.

Downtown Lethbridge and the heart of our city committee, together with the Lethbridge Chamber of commerce, Lethbridge Economic Development call the company directly to place orders and pick up whenever possible, rather than using the delivery service.

This is basically a very local version of Skip the Dishes, but the big difference is that it supports using local delivery.

Simply Delivery, a local commission-free delivery service, also joined the partnership, recognizing the convenience of delivery services, as consumers and businesses at this stage are looking for options to support each other. Customers who download and use the Simply Delivery app throughout the city with a participating company will be discounted by 75% with a coupon code that can be used up to 5 times per customer account.

“Simply Delivery offers online orders from some of your favorite local businesses, and we are committed to doing everything from anywhere by offering custom orders to our customers in our marketplace. It’s not just food, it’s convenience items, groceries and pharmacy pickups, big items and moving furniture, picking up and delivering household items and gifts, and more,” says Lorien Johansen, executive assistant, easy delivery. “We are 100% local and exploited, with every dollar remaining in our local economy. We work hard to ensure that your goods are delivered on time, by professional drivers who practice exemplary service.”

Personal meals in Alberta’s restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and lounges were announced on December 31 and are expected to be in effect for at least four weeks.

Downtown businesses are encouraged to sign up with Simply Delivery and upload their menus and services to the app. Companies that do so waive registration fees and can offer their products on a platform offering secure contactless (recommended) delivery throughout Lethbridge.

“Now, more than ever, we need to buy and support on the spot. This partnership with Simply Delivery not only allows downtown Restaurants and the entire community to expand their reach to consumers at a discounted price per delivery, but also gives businesses the opportunity to sign up for delivery service and waive the 250 sign-up fee,” says Tulene Steiestol, executive director of downtown Lethbridge BRZ. “Simply Delivery is simply win-win for local businesses and consumers.”