Declaration Of Local Emergency In City Of Lethbridge

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Declaration Of Local Emergency In City Of Lethbridge


The city of Lethbridge declared a local state of emergency because of the COVID-19.

The order entered into force 1: 30 pm Wednesday (March. 18) and gives the local authorities the power to execute special orders in accordance with the provincial Emergency Management Act.

Mayor Chris Spearman says the city is always focused on the health and well-being of residents and employees. “We always focus on the health and well-being of our residents and employees. This statement is another step to protect our community. “The local state of emergency helps us to better coordinate the various authorities and levels of government working on the response to COVID-19.”

At the moment, all the important services of the city are maintained with the necessary staff and supplies. Contingency plans are being developed to ensure that the needs of the community are met when the current situation changes.

Spearman told our radio station that the town hall will be closed to the public. “People will always make an appointment for companies that need certain services, but in general we will ask people to do their business with the City Online.”

The mayor believes there are further risks associated with the return of snowbirds in the coming days said that because of things of this nature, the city of Lethbridge, may face additional challenges“ with unexpected consequences.”

A city press release states that although the risk to Lethbridge residents remains low, it is time to take decisive action to prevent further transmission. Residents are encouraged to follow health authorities ‘ guidelines.